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Wes Fillings


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RP name:Wes fillings

Discord Name and 4 digits: Wes Fillings#1304

Reason of Ban(If Known): Not sure.

Why Should I Un-Ban You?: Because i have not broken a single rule. And have done nothing but try to enjoy the server and bring RP into a server that i enjoy playing on.

What will you bring to the discord server: The same thing i have Role-play, and general conversation.

Ok, so i get misunderstanding or someone personally "disliking" me, but being banned for that is a bit excessive. Not once was i disrespectful or at all out of line. So if i broke some rules i would understand, i did not. I upset an admin and he abused his powers because he could. totally over the line unjustified. Then to do so in-game on-top of the discord. jsut goes to prove he was offended for some reason and didn't feel he needed a legit reason to ban me. I wasn't aware thats how this server ran itself?

Edited by Wes Fillings
Added info.

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1. Wrong Topic, moved to correct one

Wes FillingsToday at 14:20 | y'all use attitude like I'm some ornery old lady. I'm having a civil conversation about why i felt wronged and someone feels personally attacked isn't my fault, I don't make any one person feel anything, its a decision to take offense not a forced action, Again apologies, and Garrett I'm sorry you have an issue with someone you've never personally met.

if you have a problem with someone, you should contact a admin, and if the user is an admin, you need to contact a Sr. Admin, and so forth.

Wes Fillings | Today at 14:10 | my attitude? i wasn't once disrespectful so no its not. there's a reason i quit replying its a futile conversation I'm no longer interested in, thanks. (a) An operator may pass to the right of another vehicle only if conditions permit safely passing to the right and: (1) the vehicle being passed is making or about to make a left turn;  and (2) the operator is: (A) on a highway having unobstructed pavement not occupied by parked vehicles and sufficient width for two or more lines of moving vehicles in each direction;  or (B) on a one-way street or on a roadway having traffic restricted to one direction of movement and the roadway is free from obstructions and wide enough for two or more lines of moving vehicles. (b) An operator may not pass to the right by leaving the main traveled portion of a roadway except as provided by Section 545.058. Since no one seems to just want to let it go. theres your section and subsections. jeez. Secondly im not arguing or deameaning him in any way for doing his job, so a little out of line for you to judge my attitude

If you have an attitude or not, you should respect EVERYONE, server, discord or discord DM's, treat others with respect, or how you would want others to treat you.


I am going to send this to Garrett, and see if he will let you back into the discord, if he says no, you WONT argue with me, or anyone else, and you will just deal with the fact that someone said no to you.

- Rick C. | Discord Manager

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Garrett Oakley | Today at 21:20 | denied


  • Disrespect To Staff
  • Disrespect

- Rick C. | Discord Manager

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