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    Rick C.
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    I am a Dispatcher IRL, and there I have been with the department for 3 years. I am also a Service Dog Trainer when I am not sitting infront of my CAD and maps. I have 6 dogs and a cat, one is a service dog prospect. I am also a airsofter, or recently, a CHAIRsofter, meaning I play inside a chair.

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  1. Agamnon

    UPDATE: Youre Not banned from the discord, and if you are, I dont know why.... Please provide more information on what happened, if you feel more comfortable, we can talk on discord, message me on there @Agamnon#0001
  2. Agamnon

    Blake..... I am not seeing you on our discord server bans... Was this a recent ban, or was it a long while ago?
  3. Agamnon

    APPEAL EXPIRED Please Re-Appeal
  4. I will have to find you to see if your banning admin is still here. If not, I will send this to a Senior Admin for Reviewing.
  5. When I get home, I will send this to Bruce for him to read it. PENDING APPEAL
  6. Agamnon

    I will forward this to the banning admins when I get back home to my computer.
  7. You can go to the pause menu... Settings... Controls.... N is default PTT
  8. Guest.exe has failed earlier it was only 85... wonder what it will be in a few hours
  9. That is all I can give you, as I am only a discord admin, and Dispatcher. I am slowly learning the commands, but I dont know them for %100
  10. if you are new, you could go to our discord, and ask around there, when you first get on the server, all the things you need is right there, To avoid being kicked, you should change out of the "Mr. Clean" outfit.
  11. Agamnon

    He hasnt said anything back. I will message him back to see. Wont happen until late tonight as I have testing all day for Work.
  12. Agamnon

    I will talk to Chris and see if he un-banned you or not. Thank you for your patience, as we have alot on our hands Right Now.
  13. Agamnon

    @Officer Chris is this still a pending ban appeal, or has it been lifted?
  14. Agamnon

  15. Agamnon

    from what I see, the ticket you opened, he said that he said that his responce above might've about another person that he banned close to you

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