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  1. Hitman0194

    When i mentioned later on down the road i was leaning towards months not two days. Thank You and have a great day. -Hitman
  2. Hitman0194

    When filling out an appeal follow the format and make it as detailed as possible. -Hitman
  3. Hitman0194

    Unfortunately with everything i am seeing here between what you are saying and what i am seeing it just doesn't make much sense and doesn't add up for me. Not to mention realizing you have obtained such a large amount of money and instead of telling an admin that's in-game to take it away from you, you end up purchasing Bugatti's and selling them to "Lower" your amount of money that you obtained. Not to mention the excessive amount of money ($12 Million) you claim to have earned in such a short period of time (10-11 Days) after an account wipe that also does not add up to me. So after some hard thinking and re-reading over everything carefully i have decided to not lift your ban at this time. This does not mean you will never have your ban lifted but for the time being your ban is going to stay active. You may feel free to put another ban appeal in later down the road, But for the time being i just don't feel like i have built enough trust to be able to lift this ban at this time. I hope you can understand our decision and i wish you the best of luck. -Hitman0194
  4. Hitman0194

    Approved, Details will be sent via discord.
  5. Hitman0194

    Approved, Details will be sent via discord.
  6. I will handle this, Please be patient. Thank You, Hitman
  7. Name: Age ( real age ): Discord ( with #0000 ): Steam Name: Time Zone: Character Name: Past Experience ( if applicable, explain ): Time spent on HotShot: Why do you want to join the EMS department?: Please explain the proper procedure in the following situations. Situation 1: A man has a sprained ankle. How would you proceed? ♦ Situation 2: An individual has been shot in the lower back. How would you proceed? ♦ Situation 3: You are dispatched to a report of a male that was struck by a vehicle. How do you proceed? ♦ Any other questions, comments, or concerns?

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