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    Navy Seal

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    Former Navy Seal, now gone criminal

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  1. Matt Lettuce

    Okayyy =D im hoping for the best!
  2. Name: Afflicton/Matt Lettuce Member of a Gang: I forgot if i was in one or not. Why should we unban you and what would unbanning you give the server? I feel i should be unbanned because i was banned due to a fiveM Bug, My friend and i shared the same FiveM License when he logged on to my alt account, and we could not control the situation Everytime he would log in and out he would have the same amount of money as i did and we could not fix it at all. We were banned till we fixed and we fixed it a while back. Id like to state i was banned 07/28/2018, Almost a full year it has been since my ban. I never came back to resolve this because i left because i was mad. I really enjoyed this server and had a great time with my friends role playing i love this server. Unbanning me will bring a lot more RP to the server as my friend and i role play as lawyers and body guards. We will fight peoples cases in court for them!

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