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  1. You are misunderstanding one thing. I was not the banning Admin. The banning Admin was Hitman, but he was doing it on behalf of Chris. Wait for a response from Chris and he will converse with you. ---- EDIT ---- After talking with Chris he will allow you to be unbanned but advises you to not make any more mistakes - as it will lead to a harsh punishment.
  2. Phayzex

    DENIED I would advise against attempts to bribe staff.
  3. Phayzex

    Ban Expired.
  4. DENIED INTO OBLIVION Considering his conduct and racial slurs in Discord.
  5. 1) Fix the format of your appeal. It can be found at the heading of the ban-appeal section. --- Reply to this post with the correct format and the explanations to the questions listed below. If this is not fixed then I won't reply to any further posts of yours and this will be denied. --- 2) I believe we asked you several times to supply us with your past steam names to try and identify why you were banned and yet you never gave us that information. I did some digging, since you didn't supply the information requested, and found your profile and checked the names of your past aliases. I got one hit of "Anderson" banned by an admin of ours on 11/11/2018. I don't know if this was the timeframe of your ban, but it is the only one that is coming up in our records. Then I found the reason to be "bye." This is typically only a ban message for those who have no regard for RP or our rules and removed with no appeal. This was the only hit I got from all ten of the past aliases that I could see. Would I be correct in assuming that this individual banned and the past alias you have had are one of the same? If not then please enlighten me on why there is no record of your ban in our logs?
  6. Phayzex

    I'm going to keep this one short. You just admitted to from escaping from the police and then going back to murder them. Attempted VDM and Cop Baiting. The interjection of RP comes in when you are already free-and-clear and your friend is in the ringer now. Your RP with the police is already over. Your friend is already in cuffs. Therefore.. interjection into a cop roleplay scenario. Since you have admitted to attempting to VDM him and then saying that you weren't attempting to VDM him, I'm going to say no. This is clearly a big red flag. DENIED
  7. Accepted Your ban will be lifted. Obviously, you will sell the car as your first act back on the server and if I find out that you failed to uphold this... then you will be permanently removed from this server with no chance of appeal, EVER. Also, common-sense is a huge factor around here. If you think you probably shouldn't be doing it / buying it / thinking about it. Then you most likely shouldn't. This is my only grace to you. Don't misuse it.
  8. I'm just going to start off with this. Why? Why did you think a flying car would be acceptable? Did common sense fail you? These are all very valid questions, and quite frankly it's a little disconcerting that you thought at that moment that it was okay. Was it impress the people that you were with? Did that motivate you to throw common sense out the window and go through with it? With that, I'm done insinuating on whether you intentionally ignored a warning that was public to any individual that has joined our Discord. I'm assuming you have, but once again I'll wait for your reply to get that set into stone. That is for reference if you haven't already seen the warning that was announced on the 13th. Also, don't message admins about Ban Appeals. I either see your ban appeal myself or am informed of it by another staff member. I am also busy myself, so I will get to appeals when I get to them. Don't make a habit of it.
  9. The reason I asked if Bruce had contacted you was because of the wording you chose. It sounded as though he had warned you before the ban and you continued to portray the same behavior as before the warning. Now that I know that you sought him out after the ban then that is not an issue. I have also been appraised of your activity previously on the server so that is no longer an issue. Do not try to justify your actions on the cop baiting. Your vehicle was in pristine condition after you took it out of your garage. This was before you crashed your vehicle and after the first sold Bugatti. Also, each time the police tried to make contact with you, your first reaction was to immediately speed off. It is clear, own it. You are confusing what I am saying about you following an officer after the chase. It was located in Vinewood. The instance of you going back to where an officer had crashed was on the Olympic Freeway East off-ramp towards Alta St. I am referring to the first instance on where you followed an officer when he still had his lights on looking for you. If these two situations were connected then that is my fault, I was dealing with a few other situations at the same time. I will leave off with this; do not cop bait in the future, especially so blatantly. Re-read our rules that you can find on our discord. If you have questions, ask them. We have rebuilt a solid base of regulars that are mostly helpful and receptive to people asking questions. Feel free to reply to this post if you believe anything I have said here to be wrong. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/YxFfEMR This ban will be lifted on: 1/2/2019
  10. Alright, let me begin with saying this. I don't know you. My assumptions are going off what I see in the moment. A question to begin with. Did you get contact from Bruce while still on the server, or did you seek him after the ban occurred? Exploiting - This again ties in with the above. I see someone whom I have no idea who they are pull out a Bugatti. Okay, a small deal. I then see you sell said Bugatti and then immediately pull out another one in your garage. Before I continue I also heard that you were missing many vehicles including the 11 million dollar Ducatti bike that used to be on the server. Now I'm thinking that you used to be here but to have that many vehicles of such high-value was suspicious to me. The server went through an economy reset where EVERYBODY was wiped of several assets. I would much rather remove you from the environment to investigate further and to have this conversation rather than risk it and have you potentially flood the server with large sums of currency. Cop Baiting - Just so you know I was not one of the officers on that scene. I was spectating you because of my above concerns. You didn't drive past them once, but instead 3-4 times. You drove from the Job Center on Alta street where you sped past them as they were conducting a traffic stop on an individual between Alta and Power. You* then immediately turn around and blow past them again. The third time is when you turn around yet again and slowly drive past them. You were not incognito... there are not that many Bugatti's driving around that they would mistake you for someone else. This is a basic hard-lined rule that has been here for awhile. If you have played on this server before, and read our rules, then you would know this rule. I also witnessed you following an officer AFTER you already lost him during a pursuit, but you stopped after another individual drove up to you and the two of you conversed. Fail-RP \ Fail-RP Driving - Considering the ludicrous speeds you were driving through the city, as well as the fact that you appeared to not respect the fact that you are driving a ~$6 million dollar car. Then there was the instance where you drove away from police then took a slight dip off the freeway which you then turned around and drove back up on to the exact point where an officer had just crashed at. You also stole a vehicle on which you DV'd in the public after speeding through the city to get to the nearest garage after selling your first Bugatti to pull out another one. Try to explain to me through all of these faults on why I should unban you and let you rejoin the server?
  11. Phayzex

    If you find yourself frustrated or upset at a situation in the future just take a break, get up and walk around, or something else less damning. Approved.

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