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Gang server rules

Officiating Your Gang
In order to be considered an official gang, you must have a club page, able to be created at the link here http://hotshot-rp.com/index.php?/clubs/ To be the leader of a gang, you must be certified. All members in your club must be registered on this page, and all members must be briefed on gang rules before they engage in gang activities. Gang member’s actions reflect on the leader- if members of a gang break server rules, those members will be banned and the leader’s gang will be watched. Be careful who you invite to join your club.

General Conduct
When not in your territory, you can have a group of maximum four people in total around you. Any interaction with civilians must be peaceful at first. You may not go around killing anyone who approaches you. If two gangs are in tense relations, and leaders wish to meet in a safe zone to talk it out, this is allowed and encouraged. There is to be no ambush, attack, etc after this meeting, on either side.

To have more than four members in an area is allowed, only on your territory. You can pick and attempt to purchase a property, lease a bar, or otherwise speak to an admin about a property that you wish to claim. Once you claim a property, it will be marked on the map- keep tabs on this, it is fluid, and will change when new gangs acquire/fight over property.(edited)

Gang Wars
All gang wars must have admin approval, and both leaders must provide written agreement to the beginning of the war. Gang violence must be outside of high-density areas, and when not in your territory the no more than four members rule still applies. Once a gang war has been initiated and approved there is no such thing as RDM. If someone is wearing the colours of the opposing gang, you are able to kill or otherwise bother them. If they are not repping colours, server rules regarding RDM and VDM still apply, and you must interact before attacking. Gang wars can go on for a maximum consecutive four weeks before they will be ended by an admin. If a ceasefire is agreed upon by both leaders before this, the gang war will be considered ended, and RDM and VDM rules will apply again. If either gang breaks gang rules during the gang war, the war will be ended and the gang will be dealt with on an administrative level.

Police Interactions
Do not interrupt police RP- this includes traffic stops. If a friend, who is stopped by the police, contacts you, do not respond. It will be considered FailRP and dealt with accordingly. Police are here to have fun- it is fine to roleplay as angry, but only to an extent. If an officer tells you firmly to stop talking, stop talking. Disrespect in character only goes so far. The server rules regarding slurs and general disrespect still apply.


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